We protect your family and their health from mold and mycotoxins by providing mold remediation and odor control services in Northern New Jersey.

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by micro-fungi or molds that are capable of causing disease and death in humans and other animals.

What Is It? And Why You May Find It In Your Home

Mold is a fungus and it is found everywhere in our environment. These molds are particles generated from the process of breaking down dead plant and animal matter.

This mostly takes place outdoors – thank goodness for small mercies!

That process is part of their natural life cycle.  It would be helpful if it would stay outside but it sometimes does not! Mold needs to be fueled and it can locate ‘food’ from wood, drywall and insulation.

Mold spreads via these very tiny, microscopic spores and they travel in the air and can hitch a ride into the house!  Wherever it locates moisture and food, it will grow.  It will grow even better if there is a bit of warmth and that is what we have in our homes.

It can be attracted to a roof leak, a dripping faucet under the sink, behind the walls in the bathroom where the temperature it typically warmer than other parts of the house and is often a bit damper. This is also true of the laundry room. Mold is so prolific and hearty it sometimes can begin growing in less than 48 hours once it comes into the house.

Types of Molds

Just being able to recognize what type of mold you have will be useful; mold comes in so many colors and not all of them give off extreme scents. Unfortunately, it is not easy to identify the difference between hazardous mold, like black mold, and harmless mold.

That’s why we have trained professionals to determine that with proper tests.

It puts you a bit into the driver’s seat when you learn that there are only three groups of mold that can be potentially harmful to the health of humans.

  1. Allergenic molds can cause reactions in some people with existing allergy sensitivities or asthma.
  2. Pathogenic molds can cause infections in people who have compromised immune systems.
  3. Toxinegenic molds, such as the dreaded ‘black mold’ can cause very serious health threats and in fact have been linked to conditions as extreme as cancer.

Health Conditions Commonly Suffered:

  • Upper respiratory infections causing wheezing and breathing difficulties
  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Persistent coughing – in its extreme, hacking
  • Sore throats
  • Learning disabilities
  • Skin and eye irritations


Remediation is safely cleaning mold in houses or commercial locations to eliminate infestation or growth. Some examples of places where mold can be found inside the home include:

  • Basements: The basement is a perfect place to create a mold colony. Mold will attach itself to any type of food source. For example, wood, paper, cardboard, and carpet. Mold will attach itself to any kind of wood and create a spore colony.
  • Kitchens (bottom of fridge)
  • Around bathroom vanities
  • Washer/dryer area
  • The underside of carpets and pads
  • Surface of walls behind furniture (where condensation forms)
  • Ceilings and the top side of ceiling tiles
  • Any areas of the home or property that are dark with moisture and lack of proper ventilation

Before any remediation can be successful, the first step is to identify and correct the source of water or moisture. If you don’t, the mold will grow back. It only takes 24 to 48 hours. We can handle any project, just call us.

Odor Control

We employ a number of techniques, including deodorization, to mitigate against bad odor and remove bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew. These methods range from wet fogging with environmentally friendly disinfectants to thermal dry fogging and ozone treatment to mitigate against mold and related odors.

Let us come in and do our tests and surveys; in the long run it’s the best type of property management because it is pro- active in method.

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