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Fuel Tanks/Special Financing (To Qualified).

Receive Important Information About Fuel Tanks To Help You NOT Lose A Sale

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We know that as realtors in New Jersey, the last thing you want to hear when listing a property, is that there might be an underground storage tank. It doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think –  If done by a properly licensed and insured professional like Petro Jersey Industries.

Why Petro Jersey Industries?

With over 35 years experience, we are efficient (costs held to a minimum), expedient and professional. We do the entire job from start to finish. Because we are a part of the UHOT (underground heating oil tank) program, the process goes smoothly through the review and approval system.

Why Is A License Necessary?

If you hire someone NOT qualified, it could come back to you in the tune of litigation. You have to have the properly licensed and insured company to OBTAIN the “No Further Action” letter that will stand up to criticism.

If the job isn’t done properly you take a risk of:

  • Losing the sale
  • Being a victim of litigation
  • The new home owner may or may not be able to get insurance or a mortgage on your property

There Is No Need to Panic – Help is Here!

We will help you NOT lose the deal. The process is NOT as bad as you might think…really!

Call Us at 1800 707 2022 and We Will Show You!

Let Petro Jersey Industries, Inc. Take Your Clients Property From “For Sale” to “SOLD”! Fuel Tank Removal & Clean-Up 2-4 Weeks With State NFA Approval.

Our Services Include:

Fuel Tank Services Underground and Above-ground


Foundation Repair

Mold Investigation

Soil, Water and Air


Remedial Action Reports

There is NO NEED To Worry About Underground Oil Tanks!
Get a “No Further Action” Letter in 4-6 Weeks!

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Realtors, Don't Let Underground Storage Tanks Become a Costly Problem