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Petro Jersey Industries has been responsible for providing Fuel Tank and Environmental Services with over 30 years of industry experience. Our Founder has been responsible for providing outstanding services throughout Northern New Jersey for 30 years.

We operate from three locations in New Jersey, those locations are; Montclair, Hackensack and point Pleasant Beach.

Our Services
Northern New Jersey ground water investigation and remediation services

Soil & Water Investigation

Petro Jersey Industries, Inc. and its subcontractors provides a full range of ground water investigation and remediation services, including temporary well point installations, permanent monitoring well installations, and bedrock monitoring well installations.

Basement Moisture Remedies

Basement Moisture Remedies

Remedies can vary from de-humidification, using a masonry sealing product like DryLok, insulating cold water pipes, venting properly, addressing outside water entry points, repairing or adding a drainage system if needed or basement reconstruction.

Mold-Odor Control

Mold/Odor Control

We protect your family and their health from mold and mycotoxins by providing mold remediation and odor control services in Northern New Jersey. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by micro-fungi or molds that are capable of causing disease and death in humans and other animals.

Petro Jersey Industries

Construction Services

We largely focus on Water Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Mold remediation, Biohazard cleanup, and Odor Control – Largely insurance-related work. We will come out and dry out the property and also make any repairs necessary to your home.

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